Costs of Consultations with Mr. Pineda

Your consultation will be with Mr. Pineda, an attorney licensed in 1996, and not with a faceless "legal assistant"

Telephonic Consultation
(30 minutes)

Weekdays: $80
Saturdays: Unavailable

In Person Consultation
(30 minutes)

Weekdays: $100
Saturdays $120

We'll ask you to prepay for your consultation and we accept cash, checks, and Visa and Mastercard credit and debit cards.

No "free" consultations. We don't offer any type of "free" pre-screening or consultation.

Your Consultation Will Be With Mr. Pineda, a Licensed Attorney since 1996.

We firmly believe that only an experienced immigration attorney should conduct an initial consultation. We’ll never allow even our senior paralegals--as knowledgeable as they are--to conduct these important consultations. We’ve seen too many instances where inexperienced lawyers, or worst, non-lawyers, conduct initial consultations–many times for “free”–and miss crucial details that lead them to the wrong conclusion.

It will be during the consultation that Mr. Pineda will tell you whether you have a case and whether you should invest in it. Our philosophy is very simple: we only take cases that we think we can win. Sometimes, however, a “win” can take several years of ups and downs and tough advocacy, but we’ll warn you about that possibility beforehand.

Telephonic Consultations: The Value of Convenience

We love telephonic consultations and so should you. You can talk to Mr. Pineda at length from the comfort of your own office or home, wherever you are in the globe. You’ll save time, transportation costs, and you’ll never forget a document at home. We’ll ask you to pay for your consultation in advance, to email or text us all immigration documentation you have on hand, and to schedule a time for the attorney to call you to discuss your case.

Legal Fees

Fees quoted only after a paid consultation: How much we charge in a particular case depends on its complexity, and we’ll quote you a fee only after a paid consultation and a thorough analysis of your case.

Flat fee system: Also, we work on a flat fee basis, which means that the fee we quote you is what you’ll pay. We accept cash, checks, and Visa and MasterCard credit and debit cards.